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Our services for you as real estate developer and project developer

Market analysis & target audience improvement

We create a customised market analysis for your construction project upon request. Information such as the purchasing power of the residents, educational establishments and potential sale and rental prices are going to be determined and will be arranged in a clear manner. The results of the target audience improvement assessment will support you with your distribution strategy.

Planning consultation

The planning consultation offers you as a project developer or property developer a claer vision, plan and design of the project. We help you with the design of an efficient layout. We maintain the best partnerships with reputable companies in all sectors related to living. These companies enable us to plan ahead; For Example the creation of visualizations for the kitchen, the bathrooms, living areas and sleeping quarters. This helps us guarantee an intelligent and practical development for your project.

Access of pre registration customers

At the hand of the commercialization of your projects, we resort to an extensive amount of data that stems from pre registered customers, whom we stay in touch with on a regular basis. We saved each one of them with an additional searching profile in our data base.

Creation of purchasing offers

An additional offer is the creation of purchasing offers. This guarantees zero complications with the transaction of the purchasing process.

Establishment of professional Folder and advertisements

We also happily compile a professional folder for your construction project and advertisements, which therefore will be acquired in a proper manner and will be tailored to fit the proximity of your project.

Establishment of your own project homepage

The establishment of a project homepage offers an additional platform for the acquisition of your projects. This is specifically beneficial for projects with several residential units or exclusive condominium flats.

3D visualisations of your projects

In order to bring life to your projects, 3D visualizations give the opportunity to have a very close idea to what the completion phase of the project will look like. These high quality visualisations are very beneficial. You can use this for online advertisement or for print media. By making use of this tool, you are empowering your professional sales skills and customers will always remember you.

Conception of Augmented Reality (AR)

A very modern marketing technology tool is augmented reality. The customer is led through the plan of the situated apartment by using a electronic terminal device. The virtual tours with the aid of VR glasses are becoming a very popular concept. The flat viewing experience is therefore a unique and unforgettable experience for your customers.

In addition to the above you can also claim the following services with us:

HD Photos and aerial photographs

With the most modern equipment we set your property perfectly into scene. Highly request are also aerial photographs from a birds-eye view which is taken with a highly modern drone. We obtain all authorizations for you.

Construction board and banners

Next to the online presence the usage of advertising presence on site is also very efficient and effective. Appealing construction boards or banners attract your target audience which increases awareness, therefore stimulates sales.

Corporate and logo design

Each time consuming project needs its own branding, which attracts the attention of clients and of the competitors. We support you with the development of an individual corporate design. This includes several steps, such as the creation of a project name and the establishment of the project logo. This makes your individual project unique to any other on the market.