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Kristina Giacomelli

Kristina Giacomelli, MA

Sangreal Properties

Just before graduating university in 2017, Kristina Giacomelli, at the age of 24, founded the one-woman business Sangreal Properties, which has been operating and known as Sangreal Properties Immobilientreuhand GmbH since 2020. Within a very short time, the Viennese real estate brokerage established itself in the domestic real estate market and is constantly growing. When it comes to selling high-quality residential projects, spectacular high-end penthouses or unique Viennese residential buildings known as Gründerzeitzinshäuser, Sangreal Properties is the ideal partner you can count on.

We do not see ourselves as a classic real estate agency but as a matchmaker. To find the perfect property it needs to "click", like in private life.

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